Tender as porcelain shoes

Tender as palm juice sapling

Tender as a lonely night

Tender as crystalware dolls

Tender as thoughts of a quiet heaven

Tender as water on dragonfly wings

Tender as a bubble tea sip

Tender as glass in brazen fire

Tender as ghost orchid blossoms

Tender as snowflakes on a brunette

Tender as metonymsย on your lips

Tender as spun sugar quilts

Tender as asparagus on seahorses

Tender as the chirps of a little bittern

Tender as rice paper rolls

Tender as icicles sculptures

Tender as a giant granuloma

Tender as rose petal flurries

Tender as a neonate’s pitch

Tender as a peeping lace

Tender as dandelion wine

Tender as silk on an ocean

Tender as your silhouette

Tender as your ย swift motions

Tender as your heart beat

Tender as your warm breath

Tender as your embrace

Tender as your smiley eyes

Tender as your promises.






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41 thoughts on “Tender

  1. A sweet and tender poem that is soothing to the senses โค Thank you for such a beautiful share ๐Ÿ™‚



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