Giant Shadows


The monsters that steal our joy

Are  gentle giant shadows

They did not bite or sting

Yet we felt the pain

They bear no teeth

Except for the fangs, we gave them

No hands

Except for the claws we accorded

No feathers

Except for the wings we created

The mammoths we fear

Are shadows in our minds


Of all the things that be mighty

Has a shadow not been counted

The shadow of a sly serpent

Cannot sting

The shadow of the blue blood bulldog

Cannot bite

Fear may be real

But fear not the shadows

Except for the thoughts that made them giants

Fear not the giants

Except for the eyes that exalted them




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40 thoughts on “Giant Shadows

  1. Fear, like any other emotion, can be good or bad. It helps us to keep out of dangerous situations, but, if given enough thought to become a looming giant, can cripple us. You expressed this so well in your poem.

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