If at first

you don’t make it

Failure may just

be your style


Not your fashion

Failure may just

 be your soulmate

She is bad


Not as bad

As you once imagined

Not as pitiful

As you once dreaded

She’s always there

For one thing

She answers “yes”

Every time you ask

Her tailoring may

may not be crisp

Not the cuts

that you so much cherished

Not the swag

that you  admired

But she’ll give you a hug

a hickey

She’ll find you a lounge

 a lesson

And when you open

the caverns

of your heart

She gives up her top


the private lives

of the men she courted

Success is not

the medal you sought

It’s certainly not

the end of the journey

Success is the


You win

when you are primed

for another

blind date

You win

when you lose

that thing

That fear of finding

that failure

is once again

 your blind date

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28 thoughts on “Cuts

  1. Failure is a friend if it is well-managed, it is not to be dreaded, it is to be welcome because it directs a wise one to the path of success!

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  2. Loved the poem! But on another note, you are the first person in seventeen years I’ve seen use a Quentin Crisp quote, and the first blogger in forever. You can’t even imagine what a blast from the past that is.

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    1. It’s a blast isn’t it. The prompt for today on WordPress reminded me of Dennis Pratt- his works, his struggles and his story. Almost 2 decades after his death, even he would have been surprised how crisply things have changed since he passed. Thank you for reading. I appreciate your feedback.

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      1. How crisply indeed. I was hugely obsessed with Cabaret, Goodbye to Berlin, the works of Klaus Mann, the whole scene in Weimar Berlin. Still into the stuff, but but it on hold for a while. Would be interesting to imagine his reaction.

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