Life is good. However,  life is sometimes hard. That is not a bad thing. It is just the way it is. Life is essentially an unfolding of uncertainties. Thinking too hard about it can make it even harder. Affirmations can easily fall short of expectations. Staying positive can become a chore. But it is worth it in the end. It is better, as they say,  to get better than to get bitter. I have learned that it is wiser to live with gratitude than to live with attitude. If I err on the side of attitude, I will make it an attitude of gratitude. People say the sun is always shining, we just don’t always see it. The silver lining is not absent just because we can’t find it. I have found that whether you are in the prison or in the palace, you can always be a blessing to others. Most people want to help make this world a better place but many do not know where to start. I have also discovered that the best place to start is right in my own head. If I do a good job there, I can work outwards from there and bless others. This site is a personal blog about the things I need to keep telling myself -not too many things. Just the simple fact that very little is required to make life happy.  As simple as that sounds, I need to prove it in my mind every day, time and again. I do this through my passion for prose, free verses, and non-factional opinions. I think everyone needs  “blink and blank” moments, an escape, a break, a time-out from everything. I find that in reading. When reading doesn’t do it, I write. With either of these two options come endless possibilities- insight, inspirations, insight, innovations, imaginations, and all manners of intuition. Even illusions and visions all come true in a world of words! I do this because the dark valleys of life often slide in unannounced. Nonetheless,  as the saying goes, “It is still better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” I do not pretend to be a seasoned or tutored poet.  I am a hobbyist, a poetry enthusiast at best. Having stated that,  I think everyone that has a mind, a pen and an experience can write a verse. These are essentially my therapy notes.  My joy will multiply if these musings ever help anyone that stumbles on them. If these lines resonate with you, to you I say, choose happiness! If that is a too- difficult -choice, choose hopefulness and stay there! This blog is not monetized. All photos featured on this site are either my own or were acquired from free photo sharing sites which do not require any attribution.                                                                                                                   







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