Frozen Movies


Like grapes

in the territory

of grasshoppers

Like locusts

in the vicinity

of giants

Like giants

in the palm

mighty hands

The past

and the truth

are too immutable

The lies

and the future

are too unstable

All those who cry

do not shed tears

for the moment

Tears that pour

from invincible pain


from the past


in unscripted acts

replayed over

and again

by the indulgent

Only one escape

from what may be

and what has been

lies in what we do

here and beyond

Action cures grief

Inaction allays

no fears.



Tender as porcelain shoes

Tender as palm juice sapling

Tender as a lonely night

Tender as crystalware dolls

Tender as thoughts of a quiet heaven

Tender as water on dragonfly wings

Tender as a bubble tea sip

Tender as glass in brazen fire

Tender as ghost orchid blossoms

Tender as snowflakes on a brunette

Tender as metonyms on your lips

Tender as spun sugar quilts

Tender as asparagus on seahorses

Tender as the chirps of a little bittern

Tender as rice paper rolls

Tender as icicles sculptures

Tender as a giant granuloma

Tender as rose petal flurries

Tender as a neonate’s pitch

Tender as a peeping lace

Tender as dandelion wine

Tender as silk on an ocean

Tender as your silhouette

Tender as your  swift motions

Tender as your heart beat

Tender as your warm breath

Tender as your embrace

Tender as your smiley eyes

Tender as your promises.






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