Tear Down Your Cottage

Squander your comfort

and  tear down your cottage

Carry a tent with valor

Everywhere is now home

Mislay your  faith in those

Who feel the pain is real

Let the mildew grow

On the trophies of


Declare you saw the schemes

Invisible to others

And if  ever you hit the target

Be sure to alter the limits

Your journey is not to  end

You have been

Crowned the pundit













44 thoughts on “Tear Down Your Cottage

    1. Elizabeth, you read my mind with pin-point accuracy. Yes, I do wonder what makes them wander.I think they have a lot of fun. Constant changes probably enriches their lives. They are purpose -driven in a way that could create some awakening . That, comes from the freedom from living a “regular” life. For one thing , they gain first-hand knowledge from different parts of the globe. In so doing, they become at ease with different cultures and people. Their risk-taking attributes helps them to create uncommon connections, true life stories, and to constantly redefine themselves. They are liberated from conformity. So as you put it, they may be up to something – something unseen, but definitely tangible. Thank you for reading. As always, your comment is a delight.

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  1. “Failure is never ending, success is never final.” You’ve got to continue to build on it. I have never seen a succeeded man, only a successful one. Success continues… A great post!

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