You ruptured my tire and my desire

You threw beckons and heavens at others

I could only envy so many a plenty

I trudge forwards choking on your words

Oblivious of the ditch that lies  in my pitch

The lemons you threw in my avenue

Saved me a stellate a bullet and a pellet

I never knew how a new bad fortune

Could ever save me from a worse  misfortune



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25 thoughts on “Puncture

  1. Beautifully chosen words and can’t agree more. We crib but fail to acknowledge that we are at a better place than many and must have gratitude and the realisation that the bad could have been more worse but we were saved.
    Great post indeed!!

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  2. it’s been a heck of a while, and this was the best welcome back ever, i love it….i needed to see this, been going through a lot and i guess i was too busy worried about myself that i forgot people go through worse. love, love, love…. it was beautiful

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