Tear Down Your Cottage

Squander your comfort

and  tear down your cottage

Carry a tent with valor

Everywhere is now home

Mislay your  faith in those

Who feel the pain is real

Let the mildew grow

On the trophies of


Declare you saw the schemes

Invisible to others

And if  ever you hit the target

Be sure to alter the limits

Your journey is not to  end

You have been

Crowned the pundit













You Will Go Places

You should leave the bay

For this is your day

There is no telling

How much you’ll be yelling

Just how far you will go

Since you’re now a pro

With no brains in your head

No limits to your spread

It’s amazing what you can do

I should take a cue from you

You can go anywhere

Barriers are what you tear

The world is wide

And you won’t hide

The choices are yours

In scores and scores

You will go places

And win races

Fences walls and doors

Not enough to break your tours

You can stay in many a town

Or meet with many a Crown

You can travel far

With or without a car

You can go with the flow

It’s your time to tell and show

Join the parades

Or raid all the aides

Soar with the daredevils

Go above their levels

Meddle with the best

Giggle with the rest

And when you slump

That’s still a trump

You will rise and laugh

Again at other’s gaffe

And if you bump

Others  will plump

For you  may be a grain

One with no ordinary reign

You make people call in

Surrendering  to allergies

Not minding  their strategies

You are the pollen grain

Riding your season train

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