Cavalier Concern

I used to idolize the gods

Exalted the words of men

Cherished the ratings of earthlings

Drank from the Psalter

of their praise

And shrank at  the altar

of censorial remarks

Melted  at  the shrine

of stark appraisals

I used to worship

the goddess of opinions

But she has drained me

of every honor left

Shredded every fiber

of residual esteem

And sapped all  treasures

Of accrued values

She speaks and goes to sleep

I hear and know no peace

So I emerged with emptiness

Like a famished lioness

Resolved to find my worth

In quietness and confidence

Listening only to one voice

Hearing only an intuition

Cheering on  only one king

The one that reigns

Within my heart.

The Sandwich Fair


your tongue

When your mind is sour

Seal your rims

And give your soul

A million tongues

Clam up your muzzles

Like a mussel shell

Be still and dread

The foe between your lips

That loyal unbridled soldier

That tongue you lash at will

When all you want

Is to launch a punch

But all you’ve got

Is a venom of words

You feel like biting

At people  but not

At pizza

Savor a moment

And relish the memoirs

Of the sandwich fair

Crunch a bite

Or chomp your tongue

Drown the words

They seldom are bright

And least of all

You save the reek

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Photo credit: PourquoPas