Our ropes have been released

Just tangled in time and places

Our feet can go anywhere

The landslide has not subsided

We can speak all we want

The sirens are set to muffle

And fly anywhere we desire

The cockpit is sync to ramdom

The doors are there to open

Just seeking to find the keys

We are trudging and marching

Till the wing-clippers go home

Our zero has just arrived

He is wearing a hero’s mask

On the wings of opulence

We are waiting to triumph





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40 thoughts on “Exhale

      1. I’m not sure you will be able to see your graphic, unless you already have a Pinterest presence – but thousands of others will, and maybe a few will jump over to see what you’re about.

        My “link” is merely a web address, btw. unless you put the http stuff in front, it will never “click.” I don’t like to leave live links on other people’s blogs.

        And you’re welcome, btw. My pleasure.


  1. Delighted to have found your writing and blog. I’ve just been reading through. The image of the ropes that aren’t restraining us, just tangled ‘in space and time’ inspires hope and encouragement in me – something around what feels ‘stuck’ will benefit from gentle enduring and persistence in unravelling to find the next layers of inner freedom. I also want to say how much your poem dated early Jan touched me as a prayer for the world! Hard to pick a favourite line, these ones I read several times over: ‘May your sorrow inspire an industry’. Valuing our pain and having optimism about the contribution it can make to the world in time and love. Thank you for your visit to my blog too – that’s how I found yours.

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