Amidst The Filth

It’s been thirteen months

Of aching

And breaking the promise

Not to remember

Last November

That costly first  look

That got me hooked

Reliving the ascent

To insanity

Believing there’s no eternity

Without you

When I should be


Your voice keeps replaying

And it’s still the best

Melody in my world

When everyone was falling

For someone or something

I was standing amidst

All the filth of autumn

Spying your motions

Steering your emotions

When I should have been


As your heart was inert

The doubts in your eyes

Standing  still like icicles

Taking forever

To light the embers

Requesting all the humor

To muster your smile

And all the tinder

To spark up your fire

I should have run

Long before

It started

This charade was over

Your heart was never

Meant to be dented

Your resistance

Kept brewing the spell

‘Twas your eyes

That held me captive





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in response to Annie's "Flames-Fragility"


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