I paid the fares to the City of Lights

Looking for you at any rate

At the corners of Herald Square

I read the pedigree of the unicorn

Searching for you on any trace

I eavesdropped on the mantra of the Nietzsche

Hoping to hear your pitch per chance

I combed the exhibitions for the blind

And wondered how far away you were

I trekked the Naoshima in hopes of you

But you were here

Next to me the whole time

Waiting for the moment

That my eyes would open

The minute that I would realize

How elegant  you always have been


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Hey Lollygagger

Stop mooning about

Even the moon goes around

Busy as the bee

Stop  loafing around

Life bakes a loaf of those

Who are indolent

Stop idling your mind

Carving for your hands

A recipe for  regret

 Stop moping around

You are the goddess

Of fortune and failures

Stop lounging away

Why pay more tariffs

To the demons of delay


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A Desperate Bid

This is where you may go

This is what you may grow

This is where you may drink

This is when  you may wink

This is what you can wear

This is what you may bare

This is who you may love

This is how you stay above

This is what you must pay

This is where you may pray

This is how you may worship

This is where to send the  warship

This is what you may smoke

This is how you may joke

This is how you may breed

This is what you may read

This is where you may go

This is who is now your foe

This is how you must heal

This is when you may appeal

This is where you may speak

This is what you must seek

This is how you may work

This is where you may walk

This is who you may elect

This is who you may suspect

This is where you may apply

This is where you may fly

This is what you may possess

This is how you must dress

This is what you can read

This is the most you may speed

This is all you may say

This is what you must pay

These are few of our decrees

This is how freedom feels

This is where you are free

This is where you must agree

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You Will Go Places

You should leave the bay

For this is your day

There is no telling

How much you’ll be yelling

Just how far you will go

Since you’re now a pro

With no brains in your head

No limits to your spread

It’s amazing what you can do

I should take a cue from you

You can go anywhere

Barriers are what you tear

The world is wide

And you won’t hide

The choices are yours

In scores and scores

You will go places

And win races

Fences walls and doors

Not enough to break your tours

You can stay in many a town

Or meet with many a Crown

You can travel far

With or without a car

You can go with the flow

It’s your time to tell and show

Join the parades

Or raid all the aides

Soar with the daredevils

Go above their levels

Meddle with the best

Giggle with the rest

And when you slump

That’s still a trump

You will rise and laugh

Again at other’s gaffe

And if you bump

Others  will plump

For you  may be a grain

One with no ordinary reign

You make people call in

Surrendering  to allergies

Not minding  their strategies

You are the pollen grain

Riding your season train

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No need to run

The future will catch you

Don’t woo the cheap message

Peddled by the fear-mongers

The odds are not against you

They are idle stacks of numbers

The odds are not for you

Numerals don’t break a sweat

You are enthroned  endlessly

In the center

Of the season of change

The climate of fear is looming

But the weather is still your villein

The boom showers they promised

Are forever impending

The mold for tomorrow

Lies between your palms

A man’s heart may lie to him

But his hands are never deceptive




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The stars above are peeping

At this carnal carnival

The gyrations of our hips


These soulful glances we revere

The music of your heartbeat

Drawing me to you

To a sphere seen by only two

Like the charm of the countryside

Do you see the thirst in my eyes


They are the witnesses

The quiet spectators shining down

On a moment that locks

Our sinus rhythms into one

They are beaming with joy

They are hurtling away

The clouds are giving us the cues

They are cuddling

Or maybe its just my eyes


I see the glitter of your  covering

The shimmering glow of your skin

I think the stars are kissing

Two twinkled sparks merged into one

Right over our heads

The sky has ruled in our favor

We may now embrace the night

As much as ourselves




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Our house is made of glass

Should have opted for brass

Old Nick cannot grow past

Throwing  fast stones

Old Nick can’t seem to cease

Wielding pebbles

He wants to be gentle

But not weak as lentil

He wants to be manly

He wants it so badly

He is a bit hurried

Much as he is worried

And wondering

What he will carve

With the monolith

We  all gave to him





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Orchids In A Bunch

These orchids in a bunch

Had seeds from the strange coasts

Once buried below the topsoil

But rose from bottom up


These flowers in a bunch

Were tired poor and wretched

But huddled onto the golden shore

Sacrificing the blossoms in the bosoms


These orchids in a bunch

Are refined than they were yesterday

Breeding changing colorful petals

Forging through thick and thin


These flowers in a bunch

Bear thorns that latched only onto hope

As they braved the ruthless oceans

Taking the risks that men dread


These orchids in a bunch

Have stalks thick and strong

Building the link that bridges

The  future into our lifetimes




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Our ropes have been released

Just tangled in time and places

Our feet can go anywhere

The landslide has not subsided

We can speak all we want

The sirens are set to muffle

And fly anywhere we desire

The cockpit is sync to ramdom

The doors are there to open

Just seeking to find the keys

We are trudging and marching

Till the wing-clippers go home

Our zero has just arrived

He is wearing a hero’s mask

On the wings of opulence

We are waiting to triumph





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