Giant Shadows


The monsters that steal our joy

Are  gentle giant shadows

They did not bite or sting

Yet we felt the pain

They have no teeth

Except for the fangs, we gave them

No hands

Except for the claws we accorded

No feathers

Except for the wings we created

The mammoths we fear

Are shadows in our minds


Of all the things that be mighty

Has a shadow not been counted

The shadow of a sly serpent

Cannot sting

The shadow of the blue blood bulldog

Cannot bite

All fear may be real

But fear not the shadows

Except for the thoughts that made them giants

Fear not the giants

Except for the eyes that exalted them




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Tender as porcelain shoes

Tender as palm juice sapling

Tender as a lonely night

Tender as crystalware dolls

Tender as thoughts of a quiet heaven

Tender as water on dragonfly wings

Tender as a bubble tea sip

Tender as glass in brazen fire

Tender as ghost orchid blossoms

Tender as snowflakes on a brunette

Tender as metonyms on your lips

Tender as spun sugar quilts

Tender as asparagus on seahorses

Tender as the chirps of a little bittern

Tender as rice paper rolls

Tender as icicles sculptures

Tender as a giant granuloma

Tender as rose petal flurries

Tender as a neonate’s pitch

Tender as a peeping lace

Tender as dandelion wine

Tender as silk on an ocean

Tender as your silhouette

Tender as your  swift motions

Tender as your heart beat

Tender as your warm breath

Tender as your embrace

Tender as your smiley eyes

Tender as your promises.






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If at first

you don’t make it

Failure may just

be your style


Not your fashion

Failure may just

 be your soulmate

She is bad


Not as bad

As you once imagined

Not as pitiful

As you once dreaded

She’s always there

For one thing

She answers “yes”

Every time you ask

Her tailoring may

may not be crisp

Not the cuts

that you so much cherished

Not the swag

that you  admired

But she’ll give you a hug

a hickey

She’ll find you a lounge

 a lesson

And when you open

the caverns

of your heart

She gives up her top


the private lives

of the men she courted

Success is not

the medal you sought

It’s certainly not

the end of the journey

Success is the


You win

when you are primed

for another

blind date

You win

when you lose

that thing

That fear of finding

that failure

is once again

 your blind date

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I paid the fares to the City of Lights

Looking for you at any rate

At the corners of Herald Square

I read the pedigree of the unicorn

Searching for you on any trace

I eavesdropped on the mantra of the Nietzsche

Hoping to hear your pitch per chance

I combed the exhibitions for the blind

And wondered how far away you were

I trekked the Naoshima in hopes of you

But you were here

Next to me the whole time

Waiting for the moment

That my eyes would open

The minute that I would realize

How elegant  you always have been


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Hey Lollygagger

Stop mooning about

Even the moon goes around

Busy as the bee

Stop  loafing around

Life bakes a loaf of those

Who are indolent

Stop idling your mind

Carving for your hands

A recipe for  regret

 Stop moping around

You are the goddess

Of fortune and failures

Stop lounging away

Why pay more tariffs

To the demons of delay


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A Desperate Bid

This is where you may go

This is what you may grow

This is where you may drink

This is when  you may wink

This is what you can wear

This is what you may bare

This is who you may love

This is how you stay above

This is what you must pay

This is where you may pray

This is how you may worship

This is where to send the  warship

This is what you may smoke

This is how you may joke

This is how you may breed

This is what you may read

This is where you may go

This is who is now your foe

This is how you must heal

This is when you may appeal

This is where you may speak

This is what you must seek

This is how you may work

This is where you may walk

This is who you may elect

This is who you may suspect

This is where you may apply

This is where you may fly

This is what you may possess

This is how you must dress

This is what you can read

This is the most you may speed

This is all you may say

This is what you must pay

These are few of our decrees

This is how freedom feels

This is where you are free

This is where you must agree

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