I was told

I am the sole captain

Of my ship

The  chief architect

Of my building

Did they not say

If I fail

If I succeed

I will be praised

I will be blamed

It will all be

My own making

I charted a course

I set my sail

I gave my life

A sense of direction

But here am I

In strange waters

Here I am

In parallel strokes

With unknown sharks

Here am I

Lurking between

Unseen reefs

Swirling between

Unfriendly eels


All my preparation

Life happens


All my determination

Plans fail

Here am I

Lost ashore

I cannot cry

Salt water stings

More than my tears

Why try cry

The shades of twilight

Are soon to be swallowed

By trenches of gloom

Am I alive

It’s still so painful

Pain is  a sign

A symptom of life

Death is yet a myth

Shrouded in reality

Is it my strides

Is it just life

Is it all right

Is it alright

To leap and land

In the very same

Lost spot

I am alive

There is work

To stay afloat

The storms are happy

Those storms

They’re going nowhere

I ‘ve got places to go

I’ll go

With my scars

I’ll go

With all the pains

I’ll go

Without the past


Or bad

I’ll live my life the fullest

I will pursue a rescue

I will purchase a cure

I will peruse sustenance

I’ll cling on to something

If there be  nothing

I’ll hold

On to perspective

The waves have wheels

I just need to pedal

Obstacles have springboards

I just need to launch

Rafts can ride the storms

I just need to hold fast

There is a shore at sight

I just need to wipe my tears

I am ready
To ride the storms
On the wings of the waves
I am ready
To turn my chains
Into  roses



anna waldherr


I saw you swear

You are a black man

Never heard you yell

Except in quietude

You do not dream

Whilst staying awake

Or stay alive

while dying inside

Never heard  you  cry

While you shed the tears

You have not spoken

Without using your voice

You have not touched

When you love and look

Or tell  to all

What  you do  mean

Without being mean

If you’re keen

You would have seen

You are quite tough

But not thick-skinned

You are brotherly

A man

Or  utterly


Of such a thing-

As  a black man

Have I not heard







would you know

what makes people

stick long together

love is a glue

love is hard

love is tricky

comes too quick

goes too soon

yet people stay

not for lust

just for respect

there  is one

not the other

but without passion

with regard lacking

everyone flees abroad

or shrink aboard

when these go

respect and love

and some stay

it’s called abuse

it’s deemed prison

it is war

captive and captor

inmate and warden

partner and abuser

an unholy alliance

things that once

went all around

stand motion still

an ugly picture

carved in debris

of dreary memory

hold onto them

don’t let go

they are fabrics

the paper textiles

covering all the

things we adore

yet easily torn

by ego cascades

and fleeting feelings

hold onto them

if they go

we are gone










The war has long been over

Yet the battle rages on

Like virulent phages on a clover

The captives have all been freed

Our children keep needing their heroes

Our backs keep kneading the linens

Our arms keep pleading  for warmth

Our husbands keep speeding away from home

They have found new love in  hate

Campaigning for more combats

They have chosen the art of protests

Fighting to resurrect the conflicts

They’re ensnared  by mental armory

And fences they raised in their heads

They breed a pride of defiance

And though the war be over

The freed decline to be unyoked

The children are yearning for heroes

Our backs are cold from waiting


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Bits Of You

Your soul is heavy

Like a waning typhoon


Like a rookie ballerina

Taunted by the applause

Never heard

Your beauty is hidden

In the cloak of your flesh

Your mind wavers

Unstable as the clarity of a bubble

But I adore you

Every bit that make you up

For what am I but

A bag of baggages





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A Time To Promise

I know you planned for

A season of fun

But here you are

And it’s a knapsack

Of wars

You can’t abstain.

You must choose your battles

And opt to fight.

Wake up

Feel the breath of life

Blow through your nostrils

That is the signal

To laugh through the pains

Rise from your slips

Pick up your breastplate

Arm your sword

Its a new day

And time to promise

To win your battles



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Before you pledge me forever

Or the famous fantasy

Of  fancy happy endings

Be careful


Be candid

Give me a joyful  beginning

Promise us a blissful middle

And let’s ponder

Or hope

We are ending up cheerful






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