Prudent Rash

The bushes in our
neck of the woods
They’re ageless
They’re ravishing
They’ve no choice
but to fall
for the virile juvenile

The sunrise these days
They’re bloodstained
chewing up
the deep blues skies
leaving wastelands
shimmering jewels
of no value

Our throats are dry
eyes peppery
noses sour
tongues soothy
We would muster a  quorum
But the lighthearted movers
and shakers
have fallen asleep

The plowlands of knowledge
Grey ghost wisps
whip up theories
The owls warned
long before they drifted away
Men of no mean value live a lie
While death is waking up
carefully dragging prairies
and persons in her claw

Cold Fervor

August is moving like a slug
Second half of the warmth is
Summer’s ardent beam is a
The popsies tan brown
Fodder bleaching hoary
Bringing  the hush and fury of merciless noons
Waiting for the heat to pass
But the tick of the clock from a far-flung floor
Paints a scene of growing grass
Not anytime soon
Humidity is whistling a tune
I won’t sit by and whine or die
Or join the trapped travelers crying for rain
No bitterness bends the hand of
Its a pleasure that you’re here
But I dream of  heaven
I dream
of a little bit of autumn

Mild Wild

The trailing edge of shadows fetter
on plain hills;
The fields and moods robed
We were made for latitudes
Here to watch the green mountains
break new turf
The souls of our niches
pant for breaths
Enchanted melted blades
still blazing
Who feed the ravaged
with wild eggs
and dumb songs
Who banished the bossoms
from care and ruth
Tan our eyes
They’re blind to tender things
Spare our ears
They are deaf
only to reason
Save some buttercups
for butterflies
And some innocence
for the youth.

Victorious Defeat

I will love you tomorrow
If you ditch the helmets
and choose the crowns
And let your women bask in waves
Your children drink
the white exploits of dairy
And your offsprings know a legacy
I will love you
If you let the skies weep
only when it rains
And let the sun compete no more for glows
I will love you
If you let the temple molls sleep
If you plant only seeds
and not mines in the swards
And the things in orbits
are the ones that are meant to be
I will love you tomorrow
if the atmosphere is slack enough
for you lads to roam unhinged
And your garrisons go home
If you let us live today
I will love you tomorrow

Stagnate Changes

Maybe people will set feeble minds free
And give themselves a chance to ween
Maybe an epiphany will walk in
Without the usual trigger disaster

Maybe folks will ditch the theses
they pitched
And for once log into their hearts
Maybe they’ll stop the bickering
And return a decent man

Maybe the lion in the arena
Will stop roaring and show it’s face
Maybe none of these will be
And we’d still be fine with it all

Peasant King


go to the king’s house

despite your cravings


There are no mouses

or spiders

You will be bitten

by reminders

of opulence

and splendor

A finger on the wall

will speak

asking what you have done

with the hands

that you were dealt

whilst the butlers come serving

some balms for your scalds

But have no remedies

for the scars

of memories

you can’t shake off

The perennial pain

you nurture alone


you can shake

the hands of time

as well as

those of the escorts

It is


the hands of

the green-eyed monster

that’s glued

to the creases

on your palms

Your palm never lies


The flexions of a king

never lies

Frozen Movies


Like grapes

in the territory

of grasshoppers

Like locusts

in the vicinity

of giants

Like giants

in the palm

mighty hands

The past

and the truth

are too immutable

The lies

and the future

are too unstable

All those who cry

do not shed tears

for the moment

Tears that pour

from invincible pain


from the past


in unscripted acts

replayed over

and again

by the indulgent

Only one escape

from what may be

and what has been

lies in what we do

here and beyond

Action cures grief

Inaction allays

no fears.

Rough Edges

The cock crows at dawn

telling you to get attached

Your bladder nudges

yelling it’s time to let go

The difference

between the two

is just as knotty

as your next poker move

The contrast is set

in concrete

evoking smiles and heartaches

Don’t learn nothing

from the past

All your valuable lessons

Are molded

into this moment







Future History

I wrote a good plot


not a candid yarn

that we’ll all make it

home at nightfall

that the breaking news

will bring smiles to our faces

every sunset

that we’ll all be friends and lovers




but herein is life

with its bold snigger

almost a grin


are fantasies


reek of truths


reign forever




our freedom starts

when we  break loose

the addictions to certitude

when we take up

the sour courage

when we face squarely

the queer unknown

with a  parallel smile

leaning onto

sober hope



like an octopus on roller skates

life will spring surprises

and we’ll  cross the abrupt bridges

when we get there







I was told

I am the sole captain

Of my ship

The  chief architect

Of my building

Did they not say

If I fail

If I succeed

I will be praised

I will be blamed

It will all be

My own making

I charted a course

I set my sail

I gave my life

A sense of direction

But here am I

In strange waters

Here I am

In parallel strokes

With unknown sharks

Here am I

Lurking between

Unseen reefs

Swirling between

Unfriendly eels


All my preparation

Life happens


All my determination

Plans fail

Here am I

Lost ashore

I cannot cry

Salt water stings

More than my tears

Why try cry

The shades of twilight

Are soon to be swallowed

By trenches of gloom

Am I alive

It’s still so painful

Pain is  a sign

A symptom of life

Death is yet a myth

Shrouded in reality

Is it my strides

Is it just life

Is it all right

Is it alright

To leap and land

In the very same

Lost spot

I am alive

There is work

To stay afloat

The storms are happy

Those storms

They’re going nowhere

I ‘ve got places to go

I’ll go

With my scars

I’ll go

With all the pains

I’ll go

Without the past


Or bad

I’ll live my life the fullest

I will pursue a rescue

I will purchase a cure

I will peruse sustenance

I’ll cling on to something

If there be  nothing

I’ll hold

On to perspective

The waves have wheels

I just need to pedal

Obstacles have springboards

I just need to launch

Rafts can ride the storms

I just need to hold fast

There is a shore at sight

I just need to wipe my tears

I am ready
To ride the storms
On the wings of the waves
I am ready
To turn my chains
Into  roses



anna waldherr