Never again will I jeopardize
That’s a promise I’ll memorize
Real love never dies

–  A quote by SPM

Let us remember never to jeopardize love for lust. A new thing is not necessarily better than a good thing.

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Open up

Shut your eyes

Love me

Open up your heart

Love me


My wrinkles tell a story

Of all the times you made me smile

Age crinkles the body

Quitting crumples the soul

Never stop loving me


My grey hair bears no stigma

but weaves the stylus of  character

My skin may be wrinkled

But your mind need not be

Darling shut your eyes

And open up your heart


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Dreams are elusive

Not permissive of mourning regrets

Ideas are  phantom assests

Opportunities dressed as masquerades


A breath is lost whilst softly

Catching no glimpse of  a future warner

Mishaps not missed at every corner

When running from the aged sins


Delusion is the name of the future

When the ghosts of yesterday

Chase away the spirit

Of the soulmate dubbed today


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Your conquest is mediocre

You carry a carious loot

Can you split my visions

Can you fracture my tear-glands


Ever re-lived my fantasies

Or built my fond memories

You merely braced my integuments

And barely felt my sinus rhythms


Take the edge off your


You have seen me


You havn’t seen my



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Garner your breathers

Assume you are an earthling

For once

Let the ripostes avoid you like plague

Your foibles crawl out in aggregates

 Bewildered you may be

But believe it

You are as human as

It gets

By all means remember

Disparate you may be

But certainly you are



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Can I get a little?

If you would not extol me

Can I get a little applaud maybe

If you would not celebrate me

Can I get a little bazaar maybe

If you would not eulogize me

Can I get a little acclaim maybe

If you would not exalt me

Can I get a little fete maybe

If you will not honor me

Can I get a little jubilee maybe

If you will not venerate me

Can I get a little reverence maybe

If you will not adore me,

Can I get a little treasure maybe

If you will not cherish me

Can I get a little esteem maybe

If you will not appreciate me

Can I get a little recognition maybe

If you will not regard me

Can I get a little attention maybe

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There lies a limit to infinity

There lies inspiration in sadness

There lies solitude in loneliness

There lies an action in no motion

There lies a secret in mystery

There lies vision in obscurity

There lies a satisfaction in yearning

There lies an end in friendship

There lies success in failure

There lies riches in bushes

There lies an oration in silence

There lies a paradox in this profound



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What I See

Your feet are graceful in your peep-toes
The bends of your curves are like gems
Like the product of stones
In the hands of veteran sculptor
At least, that is what I see.

Your navel brings memories
Of fresh wine served in gourds
The sight of your tummy
Brings butterflies to my belly
At least, that is what I see

Your teeth are as fleet as gazelles
All clothed in a rare pallid monotones
Your bosoms are as delightful as rose petals
Like two lost pomegranates on a chilly day
At least, that is what I see

The charm of your mile-high legs is mysterious
Like the sight of the peak of Everest
The beckoning of your tower-like neck
Are alluring with no modesty
At least, that is what I see

Your back in an embrace is as calming
As the stretches of a littoral view
And holding you, I hold my breath in awe
Of an awesome beauty
At least, that is what I see






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