Risking my teeth


I am a selective slow learner. Here is a list of things that are taking me me forever to learn:

I am learning to love unreasonable people

I am learning to do good to my accusers

I am learning to share my success with frenemies

I am learning to be good to unappreciative people

I am learning to be honest at all cost

I am learning to dream big even when surrounded by naysayers

I am learning to fight for underdogs

I am learning to build bridges

I am learning to help the needy without solicitation

I am learning to risk my teeth at making the world a better place

Why am I still learning these things? Simply because the Paradoxical commandments are
still making rounds, making leaders and making the world a better place.
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All that life gave me

 A blindfold

A seat on the fence

A straightjacket on the sidelines

A bet with a limb

A chance of aphakia

A race with a limp

A back on the edge of

A cliff

And yet

A kind whisper of

A word

Answering all my questions but

Allaying not my fears

A mumble

A chime that resonated with “Jump”

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The Harvest

The hurdles are full of hitches

 A test of character each season

The rules are froth with twists

With tenacity questioned all the way

A journey loaded with stumbles

That brace the resolve to continue

The passage is full of barriers

With options to scramble or fumble

The skeptics abound in numbers

As though self-doubt does not suffice

But to those with vision

The goal is real

The pain may be palpable but

There lies a guide in persistence

And with endurance comes

The harvest




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