Dear Son

Dear Son,

Lift up your head, so that your mind can get to work. You must realize  it’s a queer world that you are born into.Too many folks find it their duties to reject your dreams and aspirations.The answers may often be “No” right before you  finish the questions. The counts may come to a total of none, when you seek people who would believe in you. Sometimes the safety nets are “plucked” away, as soon as you take your wild plunge. You do not need to be sad, you need to be unstoppable.

Lift your shoulders up, so your arms can get to work. You must realize when it feels cold out there, and the free blankets are out of stock, you cannot just wilt away from  the frost and shivers. You need to jump up, warm up and shout the words “I can make it.” People may certainly not believe you can, but be sure they will keep a watch on you. It may not be their position to believe in you. That should not stop you. You need to believe in yourself. You need to be unstoppable.

Lift up your chest, so your lungs can get to work. Breathe. You must realize that the world is filled with critics and busybodies who are ready to chant songs about your inadequacies.There are too many arbitrators who will call the slots and say that you are not good enough. This is the gloomy world that you need to see with different eyes. Their rejections are tools that help you to get better. The road blocks are mere stepping stones to help you reach greater heights. If you fail like they predicted, its not a time to lose your faith. You do not need to resign just yet. You need to be unstoppable.

Lift up your legs, so your strides can take you to the land  of your dreams. You must realize that when you raise your strides up higher, people may not cease to seek to pull you down. Your duty in life is to go harder, go farther and go higher till their jobs become impossible.You have not won until your enemies seek a tie of friendship. You have not won until your rivals give up the chase. You have not won until you determine that you cannot take a break from being unstoppable. You need to be unstoppable.













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