I Am Your Mayor

I am your Mayor

My name is not Mayher

I  know

What’s best for you

The devil in the city

Is not the anaconda

Poison can look pretty

When it lies fizzy

Inside the jumbo soda

Large cups of soft drink

Are what I seek to shrink

I am your Mayor

And here you hear

Me announce

My veto and my trounces

Sixteen ounces are banned

To stop you all from dying

Or gaining a thousand  pounds

The large bottle is evil

All your  maladies are rooted

In the single pint of soda

Think before you drink

Is henceforth not lore

And upped to be a law

If your opinion dissents

From mine

You sure  may well  be digging

An early tomb for you

I am your Mayor

Might as well

Be your swayer

The penalty for defiance

Is six months in jail

If I catch you

Or six feet below

If I don’t

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