Free for all

Happy we were

Before we carved the colors of greed

And humans

Before we drew the lines of creed


Compassion was crushed

When the wise ones arrived

The chords of clemency

Broken by the torrents

Of the raceway to wealth


To your strata return

We cried together

And the national cake

Became the grounds for bustle


And life became a game

Where winners take all

Everyone chasing and chanting

Dividing and ruling



The rule of the times

Disconnect your twines

The cake is not for all

The chains are free for all


The game will soon be over

The pawns and rooks

Return to the same box

The knights and kings

And all of us

Return to one soil



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We saw the bowl last night

A dessert of pregnant men

Waiting to spew their vile

They gathered from the North

And sojourned from the West

The bowl was filled with a cocktail of mandates

Seemingly nouveau but sadly familial

A call to feast was proclaimed with a thunderous appeal

A chant appealing to the thirsty and sundry

With a deja vu allure

We drank from the bowl of lies

We savored the relish of promises

The feast is served


Let the hungry beware

For only the filthy and fat

Are nourished.





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