Seagulls are willing

The beautiful ones are yet to be  born

Starving eyes seeking to be served

Polestars are popping around the planet

Seagulls swarming in slothful symbols

The sky is swindling in  seventeen shades

The willing and wild are winning the arcades

All I care is why your eyes

Will roam and roam on me alone

Photo credit: rihaji. Image link:  Pixabay

In response to the daily prompt : cheat

Open up

Shut your eyes

Love me

Open up your heart

Love me


My wrinkles tell a story

Of all the times you made me smile

Age crinkles the body

Quitting crumples the soul

Never stop loving me


My grey hair bears no stigma

but weaves the stylus of  character

My skin may be wrinkled

But your mind need not be

Darling shut your eyes

And open up your heart


Photo credit: Skeeze. Image link Pixabay