Mild Wild

The trailing edge of shadows fetter
on plain hills;
The fields and moods robed
We were made for latitudes
Here to watch the green mountains
break new turf
The souls of our niches
pant for breaths
Enchanted melted blades
still blazing
Who feed the ravaged
with wild eggs
and dumb songs
Who banished the bossoms
from care and ruth
Tan our eyes
They’re blind to tender things
Spare our ears
They are deaf
only to reason
Save some buttercups
for butterflies
And some innocence
for the youth.

13 thoughts on “Mild Wild

  1. Gbolabo, I love your author’s note and the image of basketry. My grandmother used to make baskets in the “old country”. So they remind me of her. But for me they, also, symbolize connection — the many things that unite us, and the way our lives are intertwined. Love and blessings, A. ❤


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