Stagnate Changes

Maybe people will set feeble minds free
And give themselves a chance to ween
Maybe an epiphany will walk in
Without the usual trigger disaster

Maybe folks will ditch the theses
they pitched
And for once log into their hearts
Maybe they’ll stop the bickering
And return a decent man

Maybe the lion in the arena
Will stop roaring and show it’s face
Maybe none of these will be
And we’d still be fine with it all

16 thoughts on “Stagnate Changes

  1. Amen to:
    “Maybe none of these will be
    And we’d still be fine with it all”
    Perhaps this paradigm shift into conscious-awareness will bring absolute acceptance and allowance to everything.
    Excellent piece Akosile!
    Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2020 to you and yours

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      1. The three kings get to join the creche at the front of the church. Before they have been out of sight. Three kids carry them in while the organ plays “We Three Kings.” Lots of fun.


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