Strikingly Obscure

The clouds are dingy
beyond the prairies
At the edge of vision
The brilliant vistas
have serene details
The gentle breezes
that pass by
They whisper lies
And the content of the arcades
should make you cringe
But you shudder
with elation
I shall not break this party
Though I’ve been to wonderland
I will remember the lore
But if I’d wish a thing
I’d wish you don’t try
For your sake
Don’t try
It’s a well-lit glamorous hole
Don’t try
It’s a rabbit hole

11 thoughts on “Strikingly Obscure

  1. I read this as a powerful warning to children of the many dazzling dangers the world offers. Our little ones are at such tremendous risk these days. Thank you for raising the alarm, Gbolabo. Love and Blessings, A. ❤

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