Future History

I wrote a good plot


not a candid yarn

that we’ll all make it

home at nightfall

that the breaking news

will bring smiles to our faces

every sunset

that we’ll all be friends and lovers




but herein is life

with its bold snigger

almost a grin


are fantasies


reek of truths


reign forever




our freedom starts

when we  break loose

the addictions to certitude

when we take up

the sour courage

when we face squarely

the queer unknown

with a  parallel smile

leaning onto

sober hope



like an octopus on roller skates

life will spring surprises

and we’ll  cross the abrupt bridges

when we get there






43 thoughts on “Future History

  1. Full of thoughts this poem is. I also liked the image of the octopus on roller skates. We cannot possibly see all those tentacle legs and where they are going , so fast, on those skates. Hence the surprises!

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      1. You are welcome buddy
        Thanks to you too for reading so many blog posts of mine today and showing your love for my words
        Stay blessed

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  2. Finally.. Something to smile about.. Miss your post big time bro.. It’s nicer and lovely… Seems you came back in full force.. Thanks for sharing a bit of your fountain of wisdom.. Can’t wait to get more..
    Welecome back bro!!

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  3. This was insightful and made me sit for a while and ponder. I also smiled really hard at the image of the octopus on roller skates. Great writing. 👍

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  4. ¨ When we brake loose the addiction to certitude¨. That is a good one, I could only pick one unless you want this comment to become one thousand pages. Nice read and to insightful for a dummy like me…..

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