Uneasy Rest

I wish to know

How you found your peace

How you discovered the courage

That puts you to slumber at dark



I am dying to find

The deities that smiled at your eyes

That told their lids to shut untethered

How your mind finds restrain

To the corners of your crib

As mine travels

To yesterday, tomorrow and where



I wish to see

Why the night choose you

As its golden child

Why you die every night

Like a timber of wood

And wake up reborn

Like a term neonate

Whilst I march to the labor camp

Thinking I lay my head to rest



I wish to know how you got to Eden

In solitude

While I languish in Goshen










61 thoughts on “Uneasy Rest

  1. Some people have to deal with so much pain that they have to treat each morning as a rebirth. They won’t be able to breathe otherwise.

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  2. It’s all about committing everything into the hands of the owner of the universe, that has power over everything including our hearts, eyes.

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  3. Lovely! I see a child sleeping here,that wonderful peaceful sleep of a young child. As adults our mental journeys to the past and to the future can rob us of that peace. Such nice writing as always.Thank you.

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  4. If you can ask this questions is great detail I believe your on the road to find out,if not already
    Thank you for your consideration
    See you on the other side of creativity As Sheldon Mostly

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  5. What a beautiful poem. And how true. The only way I can sleep is to listen to a book until I fall asleep. To keep my thoughts occupied..Perhaps babies are listening to the sounds around them and using them to lull them into dreams. Or perhaps it is just that they don’t have much of a past to regret.

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