I was told

I am the sole captain

Of my ship

The  chief architect

Of my building

Did they not say

If I fail

If I succeed

I will be praised

I will be blamed

It will all be

My own making

I charted a course

I set my sail

I gave my life

A sense of direction

But here am I

In strange waters

Here I am

In parallel strokes

With unknown sharks

Here am I

Lurking between

Unseen reefs

Swirling between

Unfriendly eels


All my preparation

Life happens


All my determination

Plans fail

Here am I

Lost ashore

I cannot cry

Salt water stings

More than my tears

Why try cry

The shades of twilight

Are soon to be swallowed

By trenches of gloom

Am I alive

It’s still so painful

Pain is  a sign

A symptom of life

Death is yet a myth

Shrouded in reality

Is it my strides

Is it just life

Is it all right

Is it alright

To leap and land

In the very same

Lost spot

I am alive

There is work

To stay afloat

The storms are happy

Those storms

They’re going nowhere

I ‘ve got places to go

I’ll go

With my scars

I’ll go

With all the pains

I’ll go

Without the past


Or bad

I’ll live my life the fullest

I will pursue a rescue

I will purchase a cure

I will peruse sustenance

I’ll cling on to something

If there be  nothing

I’ll hold

On to perspective

The waves have wheels

I just need to pedal

Obstacles have springboards

I just need to launch

Rafts can ride the storms

I just need to hold fast

There is a shore at sight

I just need to wipe my tears

I am ready
To ride the storms
On the wings of the waves
I am ready
To turn my chains
Into  roses



anna waldherr

54 thoughts on “Course

  1. Too many times we forget that so much is beyond our control, despite the American emphasis on self-reliance. So I hope you have some others around helping you fight off the sharks and help you get back to dry land.

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  2. I like your style in that you wander into so many personal corners and angles and the reader is therefore left to confront their own issues with the life we a dealt with and in the process imitate the positive outlook required to weather the storms embodied in your metaphor of discovery. Always love your work.

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    1. Sometimes, the world beats us down. Our bosses, our lovers, our friends and our coaches tell us we are not good enough. We hear it so often and it finally gets to us. Just as we are beginning to ask ourselves if the world is right, a random bird perches on our shoulders and whispers, “The world is not complete without you.” Then only, our resolve and energy are refreshed.
      Thank you for your kind comment. Reading this made my day.

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  3. This is so beautiful and it came at the right time while I’m currently pondering my next move. Thanks for the inspiration. God bless you.

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  4. This is an incredible and powerful poem. Thank you! I love this line: “If there be nothing I’ll hold on to perspective.” and I also love the end.

    I also really appreciate the main photo for your blog – it is touching and kind. Have a great rest of your weekend.

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