We are one for once, so completely

The storms have broken down our walls

We give our love so sweetly

The rains have washed away our flaws


We reunite to restore our abode with pleasure

Convene to rebuild our acres beyond  measure

I can’t believe this unspoken magic

Passion rekindled when days are tragic


Why it takes a gust for you to hear me

How I needed a tempest to let you be

Where your kindness was hidden before the gale

How I became human when you started to wail


We do not need more of this strong breeze

But hope the ardor will not be brought to freeze

When the typhoon is gone and the puff is done

Will our differences play us once more like pawn








57 thoughts on “Swamp

  1. But then,
    Do differences matter,
    Once bonds are formed?

    Wow piece of poetry
    I felt like someone talking to me
    Such a strong voice you instil in your poetry!!
    Keep blogging!!

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  2. This poem reminds me of the current situation in Houston Texas where people are facing enormous emotional and physical challenges. The good part of the story is how it has brought people of different sides together. it is so refreshing to see the kindness that people demonstrate. It seems to be a pattern with every disaster that comes around. I really like the last two lines of your poem especially because once everything settles down, people return to their mean, cold, sometimes, wicked lifestyles.

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    1. It’s an interesting phenomenon. Everything else seems to follow the law of natural selection with the survival of the fittest. Not these disasters. People are actually altruistic. There are ceaseless reports of random acts of kindness throughout the affected region. That is not just from loved ones- it is actually predominantly the kindness of strangers. People are checking on sick or elderly strangers, sharing free food and supporting one another. There is hope for the world. Thanks for reading Sofia. 🌼🌸

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      1. Do you think that natural selection has brought us this far as a race? Are humans fundamentally selfish or altruistic?Should winners take it all?

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        1. I disagree with the experts. I don’t believe that we could have come this far as a people without the charity and the social reciprocity of clans, communities, tribes and nations.
          There is a good side as well as a sinister side to the concept of “winners taking it all”.

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        2. Have you ever come across the book entitled “The Forest People”. I ask for two reasons. First because it is a story from the African setting and , secondly because your name suggests to me that you are African.

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        3. Collin Turnbull tried to portray the story of the Mbuti pygmy people as a proof that human beings are fundamentally selfish no matter their level of sophistication. Turnbull’s story is credible because he lived among the forest people for years before publishing his documentary. Yes, I read that book. I do not deny the story. My take is that the bad example of one man among a clan of hundreds of people cannot be used to generalize about human behavior. I think there is something that ticks in all of us that makes us want to do the right thing despite our competitiveness.

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  3. I like how this poem threads a delicate balance between temperamental emotions and real life incidents. There is an element of palpable restraint as you observe and regret in the same breath. When I read poets like you I wish I could do the same, but I can’t and that makes the lesson of double value.

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  4. It is both ironic and inspiring that the tensions and divisiveness of the last election cycle are being challenged by Mother Nature. In her infinite wisdom, she has come to wash away our toxic tendencies and bring us closer to our humanity. It is an unspoken magic, indeed. I concur. Beautiful poem and timely. 🙂

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  5. Exquisitely written with such far-reaching thrust. Capturing the essence of the realities we face daily.

    Humans are truly a beauty when we exhibit our humanitarian side. Though we easily fall back to those self-serving activities too often, and this tends to defeat our true purpose.

    I really enjoyed reading this poem. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend ahead.👍👍

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    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your kind comments and the insightvyou brought to this discussion. You do have an awesome blog as well. I will be visiting your blog every now and then. Have a wonderful day. ☺

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