It’s Your Weirdness

You rock the way you smile

How consistent you are

Through thick and thin

You keep your path

Despite the judgment of years

You keep your shape and simper

It’s your weirdness that makes you



Some villagers think

That color is supreme

Others think colors are evil

You giggle and smirk at all

As you change your shades

Through yellow, orange, red and blanc

It’s your weirdness that makes you



I see how once you turned all red

And hid your self from none

Some say it’s time for love and joy

Others see danger lurking around

You judged no one

Inspired everyone

It’s your weirdness that makes you












60 thoughts on “It’s Your Weirdness

  1. This is such a wonderful piece Ayoka!!
    Loved this one
    What many consider weird is the unique that make few stand apart as they embrace it proudly.
    It too carry my weirdness on my sleeve and reading this makes me happy 😊
    Have a great day ahead!!
    Keep blogging keep inspiring!!

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      1. Well, there is value in rarity when you talk about things like diamonds and the endangered animal species. When it comes to human beings, being different comes with a huge risk.

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        1. I heard that with great risks comes great rewards. We must never be afraid to be different. We cannot all be the same. Variety is the spice of life. I know that not everyone appreciates that. Notwithstanding, we must accept people for who they are and respect our differences. All of nature embraces diversity. Why not we humans?


  2. “You judged no one & Inspired everyone.” These are the two sentences I love most in the inspiring poem. In fact, this is the summary of what to do with our talents. Thanks for this great poem. This is my second reading. I’m still coming back to read again and again because I know many lessons are embedded.

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  3. BTW, people tell me all the time that I am really weird. In fact, I wrote a rhyme about it that I think I will go and post, right now 🙂


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      1. I did. It’s the first or second post on my WP Page, entitled: “I know I Am Weird, But” 🙂


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