I paid the fares to the City of Lights

Looking for you at any rate

At the corners of Herald Square

I read the pedigree of the unicorn

Searching for you on any trace

I eavesdropped on the mantra of the Nietzsche

Hoping to hear your pitch per chance

I combed the exhibitions for the blind

And wondered how far away you were

I trekked the Naoshima in hopes of you

But you were here

Next to me the whole time

Waiting for the moment

That my eyes would open

The minute that I would realize

How elegant ย you always have been


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68 thoughts on “Facade

    1. Yes Sheryl, I am a visual person. You know as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures speak volumes. Pictures open the floodgates of inspiration. It is always easier to start from the pictures and find the words. Thanks for visiting!

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    1. Strange, the thought of God never entered my mind. I donโ€™t mean that in a negative way. Itโ€™s just that I am Buddhist. But I wouldnโ€™t relate it to theb Buddha, either. For we do not worship an image such as a cross or statue, but rather the law that was taught. We are taught that the God-like nature/Buddhahood is inside us, not outside. Not by our side or walks with us, never a need to look for something that isnโ€™t separate, but sometimes needs to be awakened or is like a seed planted that needs to grow. Do we speak of the same thing? This power in the universe? Yes I think so, but we donโ€™t give it separate human emotions and desires. No love or hate. No reason to fear. But understanding with your life what needs to change inside you in order to be happy and have the courage to do so. These are usually parts of human nature people donโ€™t have the courage to change and say instead, โ€œIt is the lordโ€™s will.โ€ So they repeat their lessons over and over until they finally learn you really do reap what you sow.

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      1. Thank you for expressing your thoughts. The beauty of poetry is that the justice it does to words can always be perceived in multi-dimensions. One ensemble of words looks the same to everyone while it means different things to each one. With poetry, you can tell one story that makes some laugh while it makes others cry and at the same time, it can make others ponder.

        Religious concepts as a whole are very tricky today. As beautiful as most religions are, there is hardly any one religion that can completely withstand the scrutiny of logic, history, and science. Mankind has become too smart for itself. Despite that, all our wisdom has only brought us pain and sorrow. This is why some have despaired and succumb to the notion that there is no use for religion. Those who believe that there is a God, have a hard time proving it to skeptics. Those who do not, have inadvertently taken up the religion of proving to themselves and others that there is no God. In the quiet isolation and privacy of each man’s heart, when no one is looking, we are all one- yearning for answers.Most people on earth practice the religion they were born into. That is a scary thought if we reconsider that fact. We are all gathered here to get through this thing called life. Whatever we believe, respect and tolerance for others’ beliefs is the most important thing.

        I deeply appreciate the value you add to this discussion. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Lovely.

    In a pleasant rhythm I am bounced along your mysterious path looking for. . . What? Whom? Am I seeking love? A person of the opposite gender? A friend, perhaps? Am I seeking an esoteric religious experience? Am I seeking Jesus? It could be any. It could be all. You teach me what you’ve learned; you teach me that if I seek, and seek well, I shall find. For what I seek is there all the time, I just couldn’t see it at all.

    Thank you. Excellent Work!

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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    1. Thank you for reading and for your kind words.
      Indeed, too many times in life we launch our sail in search of what we never lost or what we had inside us all along but never realized it. Sometimes, angels come into our lives as strangers who want to be a blessing but we keep them out of our space because we don’t see them for who they are. We are raised believing that good things don’t come easy. What also doesn’t come easily is actually defining what is good. At other times, we do not realize that what we call bad luck is actually the only shield that kept us away from worse luck. Life is complex. Too many blessings are disguised as difficulties. In each of us, there is often a power of intuition that can help us to make the right decisions if we tune into that channel.
      Keep on shining. The world needs your light.

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  2. That is so well written. I see we are both here. I found another from the class or rather she found me. When I feel something deeply sometimes the only way to express it is through poetry and also for me, music. Sometimes all at once. Sometimes it spills out all at once and it is all I can do to grab it before it ecapes. Sometimes life is so intense in the way it is in constant motion, yet some people are so bored with nothing to do as they wait for it to be over. No reason to dream. No desire for life in their mundane small lives.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I agree with you that poetry and music provide the means of escape or the avenue to vent or share our thoughts and feelings. As you pointed out, life is so intense, at times, that it seems like we are screaming and no one is hearing. Using our words the right way can be very therapeutic for us while being helpful for others.. People can be bored with no dreams or desire to go on because they are fighting their own battles or struggling to be free fro their own demons. The best we can do is not to judge anyone if we can’t help them. We all need help in one way or another.What defines us as human beings is our patience when we have nothing and our attitude when we have everything. Nobody has everything, and nobody has nothing, to give to the world. We can all make the world a better place if we spread positive energy.
      Thank you for the value you add to this discussion. Have a beautiful day.

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  3. Splendid piece, Gbolago.
    I can imagine how you have to go round the world, searching for that which is just an arms length from you, a common human problem!

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  4. Anything should be sacrificed for love, but most times, we search for what is not lost far and near. WE should open all our senses, not only our eyes, wide when it comes to love.

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