Our house is made of glass

Should have opted for brass

Old Nick cannot grow past

Throwing  fast stones

Old Nick can’t seem to cease

Wielding pebbles

He wants to be gentle

But not weak as lentil

He wants to be manly

He wants it so badly

He is a bit hurried

Much as he is worried

And wondering

What he will carve

With the monolith

We  all gave to him





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37 thoughts on “Monolith

  1. Great opening line, evoking what people in glass houses shouldn’t do. Hopeful the judiciary will keep his carving to a minimal. Nice work, Gbolabo 🙂


  2. Dear aYoKa Sir, ..Since I admire your work, I have chosen you to be one of the nominations for the The VERSATILE BLOGGER award…check out my blog post dear👉2nd Award!! The VERSATILE BLOGGER award. can’t copy the url..sorry!😢


  3. I like the poem… the “Don’t fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning.” ….but what about injustice? Discrimination? Working for world peace? I am still working on health care for all in the US….It’s a very big fight so I have to take breaks….but winning that battle is not really for personal gain….it’s for what my patients need and what health needs.

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    1. Winning overt injustice, discrimination, denial of basic human rights would be great gain. As such, that would be battles worth fighting. Those are the battles we should never give up, until we win. Fighting to win a fear-mongering battle on the other hand, is a useless and counter-productive venture, a chasing after the wind, one that distracts us from the more important issues. Aluta continua, Victoria Acerta! Thanks for reading. I appreciate your comment!

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