The dame  nature

Wants some good laugh

She decides it’s time

To play a jest on us

With the freezing breeze

And the drift of snow hills

I’m stuck with you

And you with me

So let’s stretch our limits

Pretend it’s humane

To accept our differences

And see one another

Through a veil

Of openness

Armed with a robe

Of community

Sharing a gallon of tolerance

A quart of coffee

And an ounce of chit-chat

We can make it

Through the blizzard




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57 thoughts on “Stuck

      1. Me great? Far away from that my friend … a sandcorn on lifes solitary beach. Your posts are fabulous … simple and meaningful … grest poems!

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  1. Be not afraid great man
    You are here for one purpose
    To attain your greatest self
    And every rung of the ladder
    Makes you a great one
    As long as you persevere
    As long as you remain
    In the pursuit of greatness
    You retain your title
    Be it on the driveway
    Or the destination
    You have greatness in you.

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    1. I like that quote too. It reminds me that ultimately all things will pass away. Even better with snowstorms, they will melt away without lifting a finger. Of course, we still have to plow the snow off our driveway. Have a wonderful day!❤

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  2. This is very, very good, Gbolabo. I see ‘Dame nature’ as an electorate providing a surprise that can’t be taken seriously and yet… you’ve just got to get on with it. In the Uk a dame is also the lead comedian in a pantomime. I tip my hat to you 🙂

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    1. Wow! I tried my best to sound politically correct. I had no idea someone would read between the lines. Sometimes life makes a joke of us. At other times, we make a joke of ourselves. Whatever be the case, there’s always humor in everything. Thanks for dissecting it all. I appreciate your feedback. Hey, have a nice day!❤

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