Pardon my staring

At what might seem

To be your limbs

Not your long legs per se

Just the red and white stripes

On your  delightful thights


Two life-size  candy canes

With the perfect gap

The flawless curves

And the matchless strides


I gave up the sweets

Once I turned Mormon

But tonight

Dear Lord forgive

I will be tripping between

Hershey’s and Heineken




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57 thoughts on “Pardon

    1. I did stare. To be honest. I got caught. A kind stranger. And got hit. A timely quote. An old friend. Some scripture somewhere. You know those. Thou shall “nots”. Shall not Look? But a Tight. Made in Stripes. Red and white. Like Candy cane. Never seen that. Looked good though. For the season. Got a rebuke. They named it. A sinful relapse. So I went. Searching for answers. Did some research. We can look. Says the book. Not lustfully though. I didn’t relapse. I just retreated. A mental retreat. Behold the coincidence. Word on WordPress. It is retreat. Grabbed the pen. Here we are. You know what? Everything is arts. Arts is everything. “Lookery” is arts. It needs perfection.

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