Still Want To See

They said you moved on

Like yesterday’s dawn

But there’s more debris mined

From the litter of my mind

You just need to pay one debt

Since you opted to press reset

I still want to know

What it took to desecrate

The moments we treasured of late

How you snuffed out the life

Of our dreams without a strife

Where you tried to bury

Everything we so ever cherished

And just before you grind

Away the secrets we left behind

Tell me how you moved on

I thought you were genius

Never saw you were vicious

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40 thoughts on “Still Want To See

  1. Thank you for joining up with me Gbolabo Adetunji and for your encouragement on my Posts, I find your prose different but with a lot of expression of your feelings.

    Freedomborn is a Christian Blog, do you follow Jesus too or would you like to know more about Him?

    Christian Love and Blessings -Anne.


    1. You are welcome. I find inspiration in your blog posts which is why I started following you. Thanks for stopping by and reading. I do follow Jesus. I am not afraid or ashamed to declare him as my Lord and Savior. I would certainly want to know more about Jesus. Remain blessed.

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