Is This Love

I  remember too

Vivid as life

Being a juvenile

Awkwardly in love

With the unloveable

One bright teacher

Two older brides

Three  media stars

Four beauty pageants

So many heartthrobs

Not one sweetheart

None to hold

Grandma was genius

It’s not love

With any one

What I loved

Was the beauty

The total ensemble

Of love itself




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in response to Sacha's "Culture of Love"


17 thoughts on “Is This Love

  1. Wow! There is such depth and reflection in this short verse. We often fall for a person we think it everything, but in fact we are really “chasing” the feeling and not the person without even realizing it…at least that’s what I got out of your poem 🙂

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  2. Hey!! Thanks a lot for this response 🙂 I am always very touched to emulate responses in readers/writers.

    I really liked this piece a lot (and not because it is a response to mine haha). I thought it was heartfelt and melancholy in a good way.

    Can’t wait for your next piece!


  3. Hum. I think “Is this love” has opened my eyes to an elusive truth that all the years and all the heartbreaks have all been my chasing after something that can’t be found in another person. Thanks for shattering my illusions. I am smiling, of course. Love you work.

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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    1. It feels very nice to read a comment that succinctly captures the whole essence of one’s writing. I feel elated that you share the views here. Thank you for reading. Lord bless and keep you too.


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