Born and Bred


The queen wants to have you

But you are mine and we are miners

She wants to serve you oats

But you delight in virgin honey

Her minstrels could play the famous flutes

But the talking drums rock moving melody

She wants to pour some lavender and powder

You are spiced  with nectar and shea butter

To give you a face-lift and some make-up

But you are adorned with pride and purpose

Her rolls of blanket are cute and cozy

You are warm in straps of sheep’s fleece

Her castle is fortified with mortar and men

Your bamboo house is warm and loving

She has a multitude of nightingales

The caring arms of folks embrace you

She has a fleet of Rolls-Royce

Your horses are ready to render and race

She wants to shield you from the rainfall

We love to see your dance steps  in the rain

She wants to make you a star in glitz

But you are bright and rare as can be

The queen wants to have you

But you are mine and we are miners

She wants you to have

A greener pasture

And lots of tons of more

But you are happy

Right here

But you are happy

Right now

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25 thoughts on “Born and Bred

  1. I love your blog! Your description of why you blog on your about page is heart-warming and inspiring – it’s the same reason I do the same thing! 🙂 I particularly love the line “It is better to get better than to get bitter.” So glad that you found my blog and I yours! Cheers, Rajni

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    1. Thank you so much. I went through your post and I connected with your writing immediately. I think I share the same perspectives about life as you do. You beat me to posting a comment because I was still perusing your articles. I’m happy I found your blog !!!

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      1. Lol! Yes, you are right, we’re like-minded. After reading a couple of your post, I went to read your about page, and was so moved by what you’d written, I had to tell you right away! There’s so much here I want to explore, I’ll need to spend a lot more time perusing your articles! 🙂

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  2. I LOVE this piece especially: ‘She wants to shield you from the rainfall/We love to see your dance steps in the rain’

    A wonderful reminder of how simplicity can bring anyone happiness. I’ll be sure to share this over on my blog.

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  3. I don’t have sufficient words to write the impression I have had after reading your poem, so I would say that I love your ideas and the melody that you create with your feelings.


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