I wish to start


Except for the nagging

Second thoughts


After the party is over

Death remains defiant

Taxes retain their titles


The poor keep priming

For privation

The rich keep reaching

For rapacity


News of maladies


Our movements


The bills refuse

To take a break

The clash of the campaigners

Curtail our crusade


I want to start


Except for the second thoughts



That only

You and I

Will change





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second thoughts




29 thoughts on “Rejoice

    1. You have suddenly thrust
      Greatness upon me
      It’s a heavy armour
      But I will not be afraid
      To dare to strive
      To bear it
      Even if only for this
      I will wear the shield
      Even if only for this
      For great are those
      Who perceive greatness
      In the Little things

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  1. Where that came from? … Your asking yourself? … Here the answer … Cyril Barry Knowles (13 July 1944 – 30 August 1991) was a footballer who played full-back for Tottenham Hotspur and England. He was the brother of fellow professional footballer Peter Knowles.[1] He died of cancer on 30 August 1991 aged 47.

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  2. I wanted to express my thanks! Only I was too late to do it on your “Thank you” post. I appreciate you following … ( your my nr. 99! In 3 years of blogging. But thats not bad … its what I wanted … few but good. :0) )


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