When Next You Meet

Next time you meet a man

Think of him not as a smidge

He really is always a bridge

That ridges you to a terminus

Some to a port of bloom

Others to a place of doom

We all want to go places

For where you are ย now

Is not who you are

So if you climb a man

Like a bridge

Be it for a session

A season

Or a life span

Be sure to search his spur

Before you cross or crash


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28 thoughts on “When Next You Meet

        1. Lol. I hope so too. I am beginning to see why many blogs on here are award-free. It’s tempting to go that route. I do appreciate you for the nominations though. But then, the awards are costly. They take time and creativity to accept. On the other hand, they bring some life to this whole business and make the world ( and words) go round.

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