That’s A Medal

That the alps have eaten away

Your nerves

And lied  with certitude

That the apex is  obscured

The dream muddled


Just because you are still here


The walls are raised

And you worshipped the doors

Seeing the the keys to the galaxies

Are lost

To those who have no need for them

The rockstar in you lies buried

But only

In  figments of  imagination


You are here

So you can recall

The multiple small

Victories you stopped counting

The medals you never celebrate

The variables that you defied

To be here

Take a  moment

To reawaken the trooper

You are still here

And that’s a Medal

A  proof

That you can still get there





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21 thoughts on “That’s A Medal

  1. I envy your gift for words. Your imagery is lyrical, Gbolabo. Your poetry invariably adds a new dimension to the quotations to which it is linked, just as they inform your poetry.


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