A Time To Promise

I know you planned for

A season of fun

But here you are

And it’s a knapsack

Of wars

You can’t abstain.

You must choose your battles

And opt to fight.

Wake up

Feel the breath of life

Blow through your nostrils

That is the signal

To laugh through the pains

Rise from your slips

Pick up your breastplate

Arm your sword

Its a new day

And time to promise

To win your battles



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18 thoughts on “A Time To Promise

      1. You’re welcome and I really mean it. You are definitely one of my biggest supporters. Thank you and tell some of your supporters about my blog.

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  1. This is profoundly true. Those who complain of a brief encounter with trouble, a passing storm, are ill-prepared to face life. We will all of us be shipwrecked, and more than once. That is certain. But whatever the sword God placed in our hands, we must take it up again, and wield it. A war has raged since time immemorial between life and death, good and evil, discouragement and valor. And we must play our part.


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