To An Iroko Tree

Greatest Iroko tee

The witness of generations

Defender of the soil


Teacher of the lessons in a small seed

Help us remember

A mighty trunk was once a tiny grain


Teach us modesty in our choices of nourishment

That we may feed on things

That destroy not the cycle of life


Grant us humility

As we remember that a single robust tree

Can never make a forest


Like the gracefulness of your bark

Help us accept  the wrinkles of aging

With mirth and laughter


Permit us to encourage one another

To fight to save a tree

As it is a war to save humanity


Let us be motivated to see how

Those who choose to plant trees

Sow the seeds of hope


Inspire us to teach our children

To plant the seeds of expectation

And nurture the thoughts of achievements


Replenish our bodies as we consider

Those that eat the calories that count

Never stop to count their calories


In tree climbing  as well as in life racing

Let us remember that a stumbling block

And a stepping stone are always one and the same






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41 thoughts on “To An Iroko Tree

  1. Wonderful.

    I read your answers to questions that you copied from elsewhere, but I cannot find that post. I read through it though, and I hear you. I wish you much strength, energy, and luck, on all your future endeavors. I would like to add I find your outlook on life very refreshing. I know I’m just a stranger, but your poetry is beautiful and some of it truly made me feel that beauty. I look forward to follow your posts.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Life is a stranger’s sojourn. Without the kindness of stranger, we will never get to places.You cease to be a stranger henceforth. I will be reading your mood, your experiences and your aspirations in your lovely poems. Have a wonderful day.

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  2. Wow. Great read. Thank you for the reminder that:
    1. Great things start from somewhere and take time. “A mighty tree was once a small grain”
    2. Humility and the importance of other people. ” a single robust tree can never make a forest”
    3. We need to develop a culture of planting trees.

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