Welcome To The Game

Did you leave the taiga

To find the green savannahs

To live the fable of propagandas

To grace the fields of surveillance

Did you wave goodbye to the land graded

With hoes and sprinkled with calves muck

To find the censored freedom

To live in skysail premises

To eat from packaged boxes

Did you leave the boredom of serenity

To pay your lease forever

To finally win the rat race

To drink the tea of exile

Welcome to the land of the bravehearts

Welcome to bask in the glory

The glory of your beautiful hoosegow







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6 thoughts on “Welcome To The Game

  1. Thanks for stopping by JonahzSong. I’m glad you liked “Daring.”

    Your poem, “Welcome to the Game,” as I interpret it, reminds me of all I, myself, left behind when I choose a partner and ignored her longing for the “rat race.”

    Lord Bless you, Keep you, and Shine upon you and yours . . .

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    1. I love the ambivalency of free verses and the opportunity to say what one means without giving everything away. Yes indeed whenever we decide to join the ratrace, there is always a big opportunity cost. Thanks for your prayers. I wish you the same. Have a lovely day.


    1. Thank you so much. for your positive feedback. I had a similar feeling as you did, when I wrote this poem. I was reevaluating the pros and cons of life in the rural country with a subsistence farming lifestyle versus life in the city that never sleeps. It”s a give and take. I appreciate your comment. Have a beautiful day !!!

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