Your eyes

Once weary with passion

A devout  fashion

Earning the extra mile

The  highly uncrowned acreage

Your eyes

Once teary with vision

You sowed the seeds of discord

Watered with crumbled affection

Tilled till the fields were tender

Till a voyage turned a sojourn

Your eyes

Unwary  like a curse with nystagmus

And your passion

Withering like a waning moon

Eclipsing your sanity with phantasm

Your eyes

Once brisk at basking in the obvious

Won’t see

That the thistles among our lilies

Are the thorns in your future

Photo credit: blom3. Image link: Pixabay


In response to the daily promt : obvious cheatinaworldwithbillions0aofothers2cwillyoureyes0aalwayslongforme3f-default


11 thoughts on “Thorns

  1. Love your poem. Was it written in random or by prompt? With poem, I write better when an inspiration just hit me. I would stop at a parking lot to write on the back of a receipt, or the napkin in a restaurant. Responding to a prompt, is like writing an essay or composing an assignment. Yes, it is an assignment. Thank you for like my post.

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    1. This one was written in response to the daily prompt. Yes, it did feel like work and does not flow as easily as a random poem. You are absolutely right about the fact that it does feel like work, sometimes almost taking the passion out of it. When it gets that hard however, I just abscond! Not that I quit. I just take a break . Fresh perspectives comes with breaks and reading other works.Thanks for visiting my blog.

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