Unstoppable – Time


Time and aging have one thing in common. They are both unstoppable. For those who are gone to the great beyond, time is meaningless. Only the dead are truly ageless . While we are here, we must remember to live our lives and forget our ages. These are the lessons I took away from a recent post by a brilliant writer,  blogmylife entitled Unstoppable-Time. Please check it out:


On so many occasions I have wished that time would stop or slow down but it never does; time is unstoppable.

Time is a thing that no-one can control, it keeps ticking away whether you’re ready for it to move on or not. It’s like when the world keeps on spinning and each new day begins with a sunrise; it all just carries on. Time is not a thing we can hold, whether it is against us or with us, it just keeps going.

So many times I have wished if I could stop time just to take in the moment that I am in, to feel happy or sad but to take MY time over it. Or to slow down time as I don’t want the moment to end so quickly. However, I couldn’t and it made me realise that I should take each opportunity that I face and…

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