The Barkley Marathons-my recent obsession



I Know it has often being sad that life is simple and that people make it complicated. A lot of people feel that they are simple and that others make things ┬ácomplicated. A few have insight and admit that they are outright complicated. We should remember that we tend to judge others by their worst performances while we grade ourselves by our best shows. I recently came across an inspiring story of a man who believed in making things complicated. He believed in pushing people to their utmost limits. He believed that the best gift you can give to any man is to force him to discover the farthest distance to which his limits can be stretched. It is a story of hope, tenacity, adventure and determination. It is the story of the Barkley Marathons that I came across in an original post by Crave. Please enjoy the post and “strain” yourselves in seeing a story of complications:

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