Cosmic Blink

Who am I

In this vast world of ours

And What is this planet

In a galaxy of a billion stars

Where is  The Milky Way

In a universe of millions of galaxies

Who thought it through

That I should participate in subsistence

Where were the notions formed that

I be counted amongst the Sapiens

Where lies the prime mover in all of this

You astound me with this whole design

I am blown away

At your schemes

You are my idol

But I cannot hold you

You astonish me

It makes me cry

You are my inspiration

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4 thoughts on “Cosmic Blink

  1. Than you! all pictures featured on this site are either my own or were acquired from free photo sharing sites and so do not require any attribution and do not break any copyright laws whatsoever. This information is also available on my about me page. Would you like the link for this particular picture that you really like? You can email me too.


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