Be A Butterfly

I can’t seem to catch my mind

Will I triumph if I don’t quit?

Is there a season to walk away?


I try to clip the wings of happiness

As I search for moments to reminisce

Or juggle the plans for the next conquest


I am always almost catching my dreams

But life keeps changing the puzzles

Every time the answers become a reality .


Would happiness be kind and not be a butterfly?

One moment I’ve got it coming

The next, life carts it off .


I caught a mockingbird in my cage

But my priest told me to show love to a pet

By setting it free and far away.


Nothing seems more fleeting than finding

That Fame, fortune and friends give no

Freebies in the pursuit of happiness.


The thoughts of joy at Christmas, sun at summer

Elation at the weekend or romance with the next soulmate

Pass as swiftly as a waiting game .


Happiness is like a sleeping goddess

Let her be, for perhaps when she awakens

The trenches will rise to the horizons .





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