The Carefree Attitude

I saw the Yes Man movie again last night. This time around, I caught the bug. I want to go out saying “Yes” to everyone I meet today. I am going to try the carefree attitude.

I am going to work today doing only as little as possible to get the passing grade. I want to be that carefree guy that everyone has always envied, if only for one day. I would go to lunch today to stuff my face with my tongue’s delight. It doesn’t matter if its laden with  saturated fatty acids. I am going to eat without a thought about my weight, without a fear of love-handles, or the headache that comes with counting calories. I am going to try me the carefree attitude.

I will speak to people from my heart today. I will say the things that I mean  like I actually mean them. I am not going to try to be politically correct or ingeniously diplomatic.  I will not bite my tongue when someone tramples my foot.  I am not going to run the errands that are not in my job description. I am not going to surprise the boss. I will not break new grounds. I will join the folks  who  pass the bulk wherever there is a slim chance. I will try me the carefree attitude.

I will google Indeed Jobs and apply to all the fancy positions. Sure they might think I am not be good enough, but, I will not do their work for them. I am on a roll. I am high strung on the carefree attitude. I am going to ask anyone out today. I will refrain from years of holding back and continual inhibitions. How will I know that the dates I besiege will not conjure unless I ask? I will ask for favors, promotions and discounts from any and all quarters. I do not care if they tell me “no”. How many men have found gold, garments or girls in places they have never sought?  It is nothing personal. I am just living the carefree attitude.

The market forces will not cease if I decide to get some air and stretch my legs today. The industry will not collapse if I do collapse from trying too hard. If I am gone and the folks around miss me today, they will carry on with swagger tomorrow. I am convinced I need the feeling of  the carefree attitude.

If you are thinking I may be getting a little too carefree, now I’d have to ask you if you thought for once that I cared about what you think. I am seeking to be free from being uptight, tense, nervous and on the edge from day to day. I need a break from the pressure of achievements. Today is that one day and  I am enjoying  the carefree attitude.




In response to the daily prompt : Carefree

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