In a world where everyone is rushing to grab satisfaction everywhere but finding happiness nowhere, take time today to drive slowly in this journey of life. Try to enjoy the landscapes. Take in the sceneries and marvel at the free or breath taking things we take for granted. Enjoying the view is better than being laid down in the terrain. I Know today is Friday but I have decided to share this poem titled Monday that I posted in Poemgasm simply because of the theme contrast with today’s word prompt. Please enjoy:


This Monday, the wild chase begins
Everyone wants to capture
Something greater than the wind
Something brighter than the dawn
Something warmer than the sun

This Monday, the wild chase begins
Everyone is placed on either side of the divide
To eat or to be eaten
To prey or to be preyed upon
To bustle or to be hustled

This Monday, the wild chase begins
Everyone is aroused
Let the strides commence
Let the strife disperse
Let the stress begin



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